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Do You Need A Reliable Wireless Dog Fence In Australia?

If that is the case then you have found just the right place to keep your animals safe and right where you want them. Wireless dog fencing may at first sound like an oxymoron - how can you have a dog fence without wiring? But once you understand the method it all becomes perfectly plausible. Traditional wire fencing delivers a shock when an animal touches it or passes close to it while wearing a shock collar. Wireless fencing delivers the same effect by combining the use of dog shock collars with a wire buried underground. When an animal wearing a collar crosses this invisible boundary they receive a static correction that dissuades them from going any further.

Keep Your Animals Safe Without Ruining Your Garden

At Pet Control HQ, we sell quality dog containment systems at an affordable price compared to our competitors. We help our customers to train and contain their animals and achieve greater peace of mind that their animals are safe. We specialise in products that discourage and prevent nuisance behaviour from pets and livestock. Our underground wired fencing is one-hundred percent waterproof and weather tested for the extremes of the Australian climate. It has never been so easy to ensure that your animals stay within the limits of your property and keep out of trouble. Our quality fencing allows you to enjoy the benefits of animal security without the drawback of physical traditional fencing that detracts from the beauty of your garden or homestead.

Make Savings On Australian Produced Brand Quality Wireless Fencing Today

Pet Control HQ is an Australian owned and operated company based in Melbourne, that ships anywhere in the country free of postage. We offer incredible discounts on multiple items that are added to the same order. So, the more you buy with us the more you save! All discounts are calculated at the checkout screen so you can see how much you will save before you confirm your purchase. At the checkout, you can also review the estimated delivery time for your package. All items delivered in Australia come with free postage. For overseas shipping please contact us by phone or by email to discuss the exact cost of postage to your country. We are proud to be one-hundred percent Australian owned and operated.

Need Help Setting Up Your Wireless Dog Fence?

If you are on the lookout for a great wireless dog fence that you can depend on for generations then look no further. You can view our full range of products here on our website. For shipping outside of Australia and New Zealand please contact us by email so we can provide you with an accurate calculation of international shipping. We provide unbeatable post-sales customer service, we are always on hand to help with product support, correct installation and any other technical issues that may arise. If you have any queries or concerns about how best to approach your animal’s training then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or by email. We are always happy to help.