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Do you need a humane and effective electric dog collar?

No pet is perfect. There may be plenty of times when we tell friends, family or even strangers that our animal is perfect but in those moments we chose to forget the behaviours and habits that irritate us in the moment. Most animals have some personality trait or quirk that differentiates them, makes them unique and makes us love them even more. However, some animals can develop less appropriate behaviour that are hard to tolerate or -inappropriate. At Pet Control HQ, we believe that every animal can grow and do better. Whoever said ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ didn’t try hard enough! We have developed a range of excellent electric dog training collars that help to establish positive animal behaviours and curtail troublesome ones.

Harmless dog training collars

If you are having trouble with your pets such as boundary issues, excessive barking, destroying landscape, digging under or jumping over the fence or straying dangerously from your property then you will be amazed to learn how easily you can manage these behaviours with the help of a specially designed electric dog fence system. Our shock collars are one-hundred percent tested and proven safe for use on your pets. The static electric shock that the collar delivers is not enough to cause any harm or pain, but rather produces a small uncomfortable static correction that acts as a warning that deters your pet from repeat misbehaviour. The sensation your dog feels is similar to the static shock you receive if you rub your ruler against a carpet and then touch the ruler. Some dog owners will balk at the idea of putting such an electronic dog collar around the neck of their beloved pet but it is important to know that doing so is a temporary solution that has long lasting effects.

Electric collars are safe for dogs

Our collars come in a variety of different configurations to suit animals of all shapes, temperaments and sizes. We stock waterproof shock collars, remote controllable dog training collars with extensive receiver ranges, solar electric fencing and indoor dog fence solutions. No matter what type of personality your dog has we have a safe and humane training device that will help teach your dog that nuisance behaviour is no longer acceptable. You can browse our online catalogue where you will find our complete range of products and accessories. If you are having trouble finding a suitable item for you animal needs then contact our team, we are certain we can help you!

Free postage Australia wide on our electric dog collars

If you are looking for the best electric dog collars available in Australia then you have to see what Pet Control HQ has to offer. We ship natiowide within Australia free of postage. We also ship overseas to anywhere in the world. All of our products are protected by manufacturer warranties and come with automatic guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian law so you can rest assured that by shopping with us you are in safe hands. On top of that, we operate a thirty-day returns policy, so if you change your mind you can get a full product refund.