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Are You Considering A Remote Dog Training Collar For Your Pet?

Have you recently become the owner of a new pet? Are you having trouble keeping it in line? Are you concerned it may wander too far from your home and not return? There is a simple and cost-effective solution to all of the above - a remote dog training collar. With this excellent piece of technology, you can enjoy the control and responsibility of a master trainer without any need of a leash or fear for your animal’s wellbeing. At Pet Control HQ, we know exactly what it takes to keep your pet from causing trouble, upsetting neighbours or straying away from home. We have developed a range of outstanding products to help every animal handler, pet owner and farmer keep their animals under control and out of harm’s way.

How A Remote Collar Works

For many dogs, the sign of a leash sets them excited. They know with absolute certainty that they are going for a walk during which they will encounter untold areas, trees, fence posts, people and animals of great interest. However, while out walking, many owners can find it tough to keep their pet from overexerting itself by running ahead to greet another dog or investigate someone’s private property. With a remote collar, there is no need to strain against a leash, both dog and owner can enjoy the freedom of walking around in the open. If the animal wanders too far or starts to misbehave then the simple touch of a button lets the animal know instantly not to do so by way of a humane shock from the collar. Over time, dogs learn the limits of what is and is not acceptable behaviour and eventually, they may be able to go for walks without the use of a remote training collar.

An Incredibly Versatile Animal Training Solution

Pet Control HQ remote training collars are excellent for longer distances across flat terrain. Unimpeded by vegetation their range can reach up to twelve-hundred metres. A perfect solution for anyone hoping to enjoy an adventure off the beaten track with their four-legged friend. Or, if you have multiple dogs it is possible to fit them each with a collar that is controllable from the same remote. You can keep a maximum of 3 animals under control at the touch of a button by selecting which dog shock collar you wish to trigger. We also supply electronic perimeter fencing for use on your property which is completely compatible with a remote collar. So, whether you are at home or out and about you can keep your pets in line without any hassle or harm.

Free Australia Wide Postage On All Training Collars

If you are in the market for a durable and waterproof remote dog training collar then you shouldn’t place an order until you have seen what Pet Control HQ have to offer. You can browse our full catalogue right here on our website. We ship everywhere in Australia free of postage and can ship to the rest of the world. With manufacturer’s warranties and a thirty-day money-back guarantee on every item we stock you can rest assured that we have you and your animal covered.