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5 Great Reasons To Choose Our Rechargeable Citronella Spray anti-Bark Collar

The Rechargeable Citronella Spray Anti-Bark Collar is a safe, humane, and effective way to put a stop to the excessive barking that is disrupting your life. Your dog will be gently discouraged from barking by the short spray action of the collar’s citronella mist.The moment your dog begins barking, a puff of citronella spray is directed toward your dog’s lower jaw, delivering a natural deterrent that will end your dog’s barking without causing harm. This spray is triggered by the sound of barking, howling, and whining, effectively teaching your dog that all types of irritating vocalizations are unwanted. The citronella spray is derived from a plant-based oil that is disliked by most canines, but pleasant to humans. Its aroma has been scientifically proven to be an effective tool in anti-bark training. The hissing sound that accompanies the spraying also acts as a strong reinforcement, signalling to your dog that it’s barking will no longer be tolerated.


It uses your dog’s 4 strongest senses to reinforce the message that incessant barking is not allowed: sight, smell, touch, and hearing. All of these senses are used when the spray is emitted from the collar, working together to imprint in your dog’s mind that excessive barking is no longer an option. Scientific studieshave proven that citronella spray collars are even more effective than electric dog collars in anti-bark training, for this very reason!


Absolutely zero correction or loud piercing sounds come from the Citronella Spray Anti-Bark Collar, making it a pain and anxiety-free training tool. Yes, it’s true. You can endyour dog’s unbearable barking once and for all, without having to use harsh training techniques.


This amazingly effective collar uses the power of association to teach your dog that incessant barking is no longer acceptable. In just a short time of wearing the collar, your dog will come to associate the unusual scent of the spray with every bark, whine, and howl. This will naturally make your dog less and less inclined to make noise. Your dog will quickly realize that when they wear the collar, they can avoid the spray simply by not barking. The result is a dog that remains quietand enjoys the time spent by your side without indulging in noise making behaviour.


This expertly designed collar is light and comfortable enough for daily wear. Since it is fully automated, it couldn’t be easier to operate. Just place it around your dog’s neck and let it do the training for you!

For best results, follow these important rules:

  • The Rechargeable Citronella Spray Anti-Bark Collar is most effective on non-working dog breeds, and dogs that do not have a history of especially stubborn, training-resistant behaviour.
  • The product has been designed to stop your dogs persistent barking however you need to spend some time training your dog so that the dogs understands and associates its barking with the spray.
  • Fine-tuned microphone sensor detects barking sounds
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Fully filled collar holds enough for 15 sprays
  • Four Modes of Operation: Start + Stop + Mist Spray + Recharging
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable Mist spraying amount
  • LED indicator with low power alarm
  • Sound Activated
  • CE and ROHS Certified
  • Battery life of 4-12 weeks (*During recommended daily maximum use, with unit switched off between sessions)
  • Humane, safe & effective training tool
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low power consumption
  • Suitable for most dogs between 10kg and 30kg
  • Suitable for dogs over 6 months old
  • Weight: 100g (*Anti-Bark Collar unit with rechargeable battery)
  • Dimensions: 50mm (L) x 41.5mm (W) x 20.5mm (H)
  • Power: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Strap: Adjustable nylon for neck sizes ranging between 22cm and 48cm (circumference)
  • Working life: Over 10,000 sprays
  • 1 x Citronella spray collar
  • 1 x Adjustable nylon strap
  • 1 x Rechargeable battery
  • 1 x Easy to read user manual

1 Citronella Spray Refill (85ml, 85g)

Made of purely natural lemon essential oil, without CFC.


1 USB Charger

Charges collar either using a power point or your computer.


“Anti-Bark Tips & Techniques” ebook

When you combine the masterful tips found in this eBook with the use of your Rechargeable Citronella Spray Anti-Bark Collar, you’ll have all the tools you need to turn your dog’s annoying, disruptive, and frightening noise making into a thing of the past. Every secret is divulged by professional anti-bark trainers to help you transform your dog into the calm, quiet, and well behaved pet you always knew it could be! No more anxious whining, attention-seeking howling, or panicked barking!


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