Blood Glucose Meter Monitor Test Strips & Lancets

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Package Contents

  • 50 Blood glucose test strips for dogs & cats


✔ Vet-Approved for Fast & Reliable Results

✔ Comes with 2 Code Chips for dogs and for cats

Note: These glucometer test strips are only compatible with your Pet Control HQ 2 Code-Chip Glucometer for quick and painless, lab-accurate results (with the least amount of blood of any brand available).


Bonus #1

50 Lancets (28 gauge)


Bonus #2

2 Code Chips (1 for dogs and 1 for cats)

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Blood Glucose Meter Monitor Test Strips & Lancets

5 Great Reasons to use our Test Strips to accurately monitor your dogs and cats diabetes


The Pet-Friendly Glucose Test Strips

Glucose testing is hard on your furry friend (and you), which is why Pet Control HQ’s pet glucose test strips are designed to give you lab-accurate results with the least amount of blood of any brand available; Use them in your Pet Control HQ 2 Code-Chip Glucometer for testing that’s easy on pets who are not fans of being poked - in fact, many say their animals never even squirm or wiggle

Lab-Accurate Results at Home

Pet parents who understand the risks of false blood glucose readings say that these Pet Control HQ cat and dog glucose test strips give them peace of mind that they’re getting lab-accurate readings for their pets (and avoiding the dangers of loved ones’ glucose levels dropping to ‘Lo’ or jumping to ‘Hi’)

One-Hand, No-Flop Test Strips

Fans of our diabetes test strips for dogs & cats say the sturdy single-handed design avoids the bending and flopping of cheap strips by giving you a sturdy strip that inserts into the meter with one push so you can keep anxious and squirming pets calm, while enjoying lab-accurate results with just one hand

2 Code-Chip Technology for Dogs and Cats

Vets recommend Pet Control HQ strips and meters because of the 2 Code-Chip Technology (one for dogs, and one for cats); Unlike other options that use the same test strip for both cats and dogs, Pet Control HQ dog and cat glucose test strips have 2 Code-Chips (one calibrated for your pup, the other for your kitty) so you’ll enjoy lab-accurate readings in as little as 5 seconds

Save Money with Bundled Strips & Lancets

The team at Pet Control HQ understands that buying glucometer strips can really add up (especially with bad readings from low-quality strips) which is why we’re proud to be the only company offering Australia 50-count bundles of our lab-accurate test strips and lancets designed specifically for the Pet Control HQ Glucometer for Dogs & Cats - now you’ll never have to risk your loved one’s health just to save money

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