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Ensure the safety of your pet with an electric pet fencing system

The most important responsibility a pet owner has is to ensure the well-being of their pet, and this can sometimes be a very challenging task. Most pets are naturally inquisitive, some can be prone to very assertive territorial behaviour, and still others experience strong biological urges that tempt them to go on voyages of discovery.

If you share your living space with a canine Columbus or a feline Flinders, you're probably already quite familiar with that feeling of dread and worry when you notice they're away exploring the world. You feel this way because you're aware of the danger they pose to themselves and to others, and this is an anxiety you could do without.

Our wireless electric pet fence system is a safe and effective way to keep your pet from straying.

Now it must be said that the idea of using electric fencing for animal control can be a bit controversial, but the simple fact is that it's the safest and most secure choice. Unlike other fencing systems, including other electric fence systems, it can't be tunnelled under, jumped over, or barged through.

Most importantly, it will not harm your pet, but it will help protect your pet from many potential forms of harm.

Of course you love your pet and there's a good chance you're going to worry that the system will hurt. This is not a fence system designed for keeping in wild rhinos. At most, the dog boundary collar is only going to provide a mild static correction, though there are also options for vibration only and tone only if you prefer to select these. Your pet will dislike it, but it won't do any harm.

How this electric pet fence system works

When you deploy this system, your pet (or pets) will wear a special electric collar that contains a proximity sensor. When your pet gets close to a boundary that should not be crossed, a warning tone will sound. If the pet persists in attempting to cross the boundary, the collar will mildly discourage that attempt by emitting a static corretcion.

Even though the stimulus is relatively mild, it is going to be effective in preventing the pet from straying. This is because the collar speaks a language animals can easily understand.

Obviously the collar does not literally speak in words, but words are not the primary way animals communicate, especially when it comes to interspecies communication.

When an animal wants to discourage another animal from attempting something, it will normally go through an escalating series of warnings. Animal behaviourists sometimes refer to these warnings as a threat display, although the warnings may include more than just visual cues.

For example, a dog may adopt a more aggressive posture, bare it's teeth, and growl before moving on to an actual attack. A cat will usually first attempt to appear larger by puffing up its fur, erecting its tail, and arching it's back. If these are not sufficient to deter a threat, the cat will then normally growl or hiss, before striking. These cues are designed to help animals avoid getting into fights they don't want to be part of.

Our system works in a similar way. First there's a warning, then there's some negative reinforcement. Your pet fully expects that the next step is going to involve an attack from an invisible assailant, and you can be sure that's not a fight your pet wants any part of. This is why it works.

The electric pet fencing system can be used with multiple collars, so more than one pet can be contained within the boundary. Of course you'll still need to combine it with a traditional fence system or a solar electric fence as well, because while this system keeps your pet from getting out, it does nothing to prevent other animals or humans from coming in.

Why this is the best electric pet fence option

There are many advantages to our wireless system, these include:

  • Portability – the fence can be moved anywhere that you want to establish a boundary area.
  • Completely safe – it does no harm at all to your pet, has automatic 8 second safety stimulation switch, and pets quickly learn to back down before any negative reinforcement is deployed. Once they've learned the limits of their territory, they won't often feel the urge to try expanding it. This is a lot safer than traditional electric fence systems which use wires to deliver a high powered jolt.
  • Prevents straying – this fence does its job of keeping your pet safely within the boundary area. That means you won't have to worry about all the terrible things that could happen if your pet gets out.
  • Easy to install and use – this system can be set up in minutes, and there are no major technical steps to master. You'll be amazed how simple it is.

We're sure you'll have plenty of questions even after you've read all the above details. We'd love to tell you more about how you can provide the best safety and care for your pets, so give Pet Control HQ a call on 1800 755 303 (Australian & NZ) or 855 650 0730 (US & Canada) for the answers you need. You can also email us at info@petcontrolhq.com.au with your questions if you prefer.