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Taking care of your dog just got easier

Most Australians have an affinity for pets. In fact, survey data shows that approximately 68% of Australian householders own a pet. Most of us love our pets very dearly, but it also must be acknowledged that pet ownership involves a great deal of responsibility. 

Primary among these responsibilities is making sure pets have sufficient access to shelter, food, and water. That's why we're really happy to tell you about this great invention that is going to help make taking care of one of those responsibilities a lot easier.

Introducing the greatest innovation for a dog water dispenser in Australia

It's not always easy to know for sure if you're providing enough water to meet the needs of your dog, and even if you are, you can't always be sure that they're actually drinking enough.

This new dog water dispenser device available in Australia from Pet Control HQ is special because it lets your dog decide how much water to drink and actually encourages them to drink enough.

The doggie psychology behind how this dog water dispenser works

Dogs are naturally inquisitive animals that learn by experience. This simple but clever product teaches your dog to fetch water for itself by making the process a form of play behaviour while also providing for a basic life-sustaining need.

The mechanism is very simple. It's a pressure plate your dog steps onto that activates a valve, allowing a small fountain of water to squirt into the air for your dog to drink. This takes advantage of a dog's natural curiosity and playfulness. Your dog will quickly learn how to summon water and will enjoy being rewarded with a well-earned drink.

If you don't agree this is the best dog water dispenser, you can get a refund

We are so sure you and your dog will love it's new dog water dispenser, we'll let you return it any time within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund. That means you can buy with absolutely no risk. If you're not totally happy with the quality and performance of the product, you'll get your money back.

Why are we so confident you will want to keep this water dispenser and that you'll agree with our assessment that it's the best? It's all about the quality and the exceptional design features. Here are a few of the main points that really make this product stand out from others:

  • Simple mechanism suitable for dogs of all sizes.
  • Pet safe and easy to operate. There are no sharp edges and no danger of injury occurring from use of the device if it is installed in a safe location.
  • Rewards dogs in a way that encourages desired behaviour.
  • Helps your dog attain some degree of autonomy over water supply.
  • Quality steel construction that is durable, corrosion-free, and the safest material for a pet product since it can't be chewed or otherwise destroyed by your pet.
  • Totally mechanical operation, does not require electricity or batteries.
  • Easily connects to standard tap and hose fittings used in Australia. Adapters can be used to expand the range of connections that could be made for non-standard fittings.
  • Compact and tidy. It measures 21.5cm x 22cm and has a height of 6cm from the base to the top surface.
  • Comes with a 12mm hose connector, so you won't have to buy one separately. Already has a ¾" tap connector directly on the body of the device.
  • Easy to set up and install. You'll be ready to introduce your dog to it just moments after unboxing.

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