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Are You Nervous About Getting A Dog Shock Collar In Australia

For most animal lovers the thought of exposing a dog to an electric shock is unheard of. However, for dog owners who at one time or another had unruly, overly excitable or simply curious dogs, the thought of not using a collar is nonsensical. In the same way that animals come in all different sizes, they also come with a vast degree of varying personality traits, vulnerabilities and emotional states. From time to time, dogs might exude a combination of the above attributes that does results in odd or alarming behaviour. If pets didn’t mess up from time to time they wouldn’t be dogs, the same goes for people. At Pet Control HQ, we develop and manufacture first-rate animal training solutions that put pet safety first and put the owner in control of everything.

Will A Shock Collar Hurt My Dog?

The best way to describe what your dog feels is annoyance. It is all too easy to equate a shock delivered by a dog collar to that of a cattle prod but this would be like comparing a pushbike to a motorcycle. The aim of a shock collar is to warn the animal not to persist with their negative behaviour. It is never the aim to harm the animal as doing so will only ever result in further misbehaviour and damaging emotional problems that can be much more difficult to remedy. No one purchases a dog shock collar to cause harm, responsible dog owners purchase shock collars to help their pets to shed their bad habits safely and respectfully. Our collars come equipped with adjustable controls that allow you to regulate the degree of correction, at no point is it possible to deliver a shock that will upset or cause distress to your dog.

Quality Animal Training Systems You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Maybe your dog has trouble staying out of your neighbour’s private property, pulling your washing from the line or wandering onto the busy street in front of your house. No matter what the issue is you can find a quality and effective animal training system right here from Pet Control HQ. We offer great bonuses with our products which can include expert animal training guides to get you and your pet off to the best possible start as you undertake responsible behaviour training. All of our products come with detail user instructions and our electric dog fencing is accompanied by illustrative installation manuals. We also host instructional videos here on our website that walk you through exactly how to set up and use your dog boundary collars.

Need Help With Your Dog Shock Collars? Get In Touch!

So, if you are on the fence about getting a dog shock collar to help curb your animal’s unruly behaviour rest assured that Pet Control HQ has the training products, the dedicated customer service and the utmost respect for your animal’s welfare that you are looking for. Why not browse our range of equipment here on our website and see what we have to offer? If you have any queries or would like any help at all then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.