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Shop for Premium Quality Rechargeable Electric Cattle Prods Online in Australia

It’s safe to say that a cattle prod is a device most livestock handlers would prefer not to have to use, but anyone who handles large livestock is well aware that there can be times when these devices are absolutely necessary.

Given the sheer mass of a cow, a cattle prod offers an effective way out of a potentially threatening situation, should a stubborn cow not want to move. Thankfully, Pet Control HQ stocks both hand held battery-operated and rechargeable stock cattle prods, which are considered to be among the best available in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Should you find yourself needing to use a cattle prod, you certainly want peace of mind that it is a reliable quality device which is not going to let you down.

Pet Control HQ’s selection of cattle prods are built for durability and versatility in all weather conditions. The choice of a 4000V or 9000V model ensures you have access to the “jolt” required in order to move even the most stubborn of cattle to fall into line.

Our handheld jigger shock is effective, and fits into most pockets for convenience! Our stock prod with shaft is lightweight and easy to use and transport.


Pet Control HQ’s collection of cattle prods makes cattle management a breeze

Another highly desirable feature of these cattle prods is that they are programmed to emit a high-pitched tone (only audible to animals) before the jolt is delivered, and this noise serves as a warning that is often enough to get the animal moving.  All our jiggers are safe, humane and effective.

At Pet Control HQ, it is our mission to only stock the highest quality humane livestock supplies to ensure your cattle remain happy, healthy and comfortable at all times.

This is why we also provide Australians with quality electric fencing systems, cattle clippers, anti-bark dog collars and electric sheep shears, along with a whole host of other tried and tested livestock products. We pride ourselves on serving as a convenient one-stop shop for all your pet and livestock supplies.


Why choose Pet Control HQ for all your online pet and livestock supplies?

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  • 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind
  • Access to a wealth of industry expertise from our friendly staff, who can offer informed product recommendations and tailored advice based on your animals’ needs


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