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Where to buy a cattle prod to make sure you're getting the best

Cattle prods are a tool most livestock handlers would probably prefer not to have to use, but anyone who handles large livestock also knows that there can be times when these devices can be absolutely necessary.

A large and not exceptionally intelligent animal can be a dangerous one if it decides to stand its ground in what it perceives as a potentially threatening situation. A cattle prod may be the only safe and efficient way to snap the animal out of that mindset and get it moving again.

Most livestock have short attention spans, so once they've shifted their focus, they're not normally inclined to return to being obstinate (for a good while, at least, anyway).

If you're looking to buy a cattle prod in Australia, Pet Control HQ has the very best cattle prod choices for sale.

The best rechargeable cattle prod on the market

When you're in a situation where you need to use a cattle prod, you need to be sure the product you're relying on actually is reliable. Malfunction could endanger you, your employees, or your livestock. Nobody wants to see that happen, so choose our battery operated cattle prod and make sure it doesn't happen.

The benefits our rechargeable battery operated cattle prod offers

First and foremost, the clear advantage is that it has a flexible 72cm shaft that can bend through a full 180 degrees without suffering damage. This makes it safer than the typical rechargeable cattle prod, and your safety is further enhanced by the fact that it can deliver a 9000V jolt to get even the most stubborn of animals to think better of challenging you to a showdown.

If there is any other cattle prod in Australia that delivers so many features for such a low price, their marketing team couldn't be doing a very good job or we'd have heard of it by now.

Besides those features already mentioned, you will also appreciate the lightweight portability and ease of use that this cattle prod offers. Another feature of the cattle prod that makes it especially good is that it provides the animal with a warning before it delivers a charge.

Just slightly ahead of the jolt that's coming, a high pitched tone that is audible only to animals is emitted, and this may be enough to get the animal moving so that it never needs to experience the jolt. Only a persistent, stubborn, belligerent, or very stressed animal will ignore the warning tone once it knows what that sound means, which makes this a more humane device than many others on the market.

We're even throwing in a bonus with this inexpensive cattle prod. You'll get a PDF version of the Cattle Management & Behaviour book, valued at $27, absolutely free. Plus of course the wall charger for recharging the batteries is also included.

Buy your cattle prod from Pet Control HQ

Pet Control HQ is dedicated to providing the best products for pets and livestock, so when you buy from us, you always know you are getting a quality product that will do the job. Our prices are never inflated, and we work hard to maintain our competitiveness. We offer fast delivery, a 30 day money back guarantee, and knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you may have about our products. It's easy, safe, and convenient to buy from us with online ordering you can rely on.

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