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Be sure to get the best cattle clippers

When you have cattle that are worth showing off, that means you must be doing a lot of things right. No matter what task you are undertaking, getting a professional result requires the use of professional tools. You'll find a lot of places offering cattle clippers for sale, but you won't find any offering you a better product or a better deal than what is on offer at Pet Control HQ.

Why ours are the best clippers for cattle

Cattle are big animals, not exceptionally intelligent, and easily stressed. When cattle are calm, they're generally pretty docile. The scenario can change rapidly when cattle are stressed or frightened.

When a cow or bull senses a threat (whether real or imagined), they can become a danger to themselves and anyone in the immediate vicinity.

The goal of every livestock handler should be to reduce the potential for stress by as much as possible in any action involving the movement and handling of livestock. There are never exceptions.

You might be taking cows to the show or to the abattoir, and if you are good at your job they shouldn't have the faintest clue which it is until the very last moment.

This is the reason why if you have a professional attitude to your work, you are going to love the way our cattle clippers have been designed. A lot of thought has been put into making sure they're easy to use and will create the least stressful way to get your cattle turned out presentably.

It's less stressful for the animal, and less stressful for you. Pick up the clippers in your hand and feel the weight of them. See how easy the rubber grip makes them to hold without discomfort or risk of slipping. Notice the manoeuvrability you get from the 5.6m long cord.

Now switch them on. Feeling that soft vibration, you'd never guess there was a powerful motor inside capable of maintaining a sustained torque of 2500 rpm for smooth and efficient clipping.

That reduced vibration and noise is a big factor in helping to minimise the stress related to this activity, and furthermore because you'll be able to work more smoothly and quickly, it will all be over much more soon. That's really good news if you've got a cow you're prepping for show, because a calm demeanour is what the judges will want to see. Those guys are experts. They're going to recognize the symptoms of stress from a mile away.

Pet Control HQ has the best cattle clippers available for grooming. Choose our clippers to make sure your cattle are going to create a good impression, or at least that it's not the state of their coat or exhibition of stress behaviour that loses points for them.

Unlike other cattle clippers in Australia

Most of the clippers on the market are made very cheaply and are not ideally suited to local Australian conditions or working methods. Here in Australia, we understand the importance of quality in manufacturing.

When choosing products to work with, you shouldn't compromise on your standards for safety and performance, because ultimately the results you get out are only going to be as good as the effort and care you put in.

These clippers are manufactured for outstanding performance and durability. They're also engineered, as stated above, to help you complete the job in the safest and most efficient way. These innovations make the cattle clippers we offer stand out from the average product.

Why buying with Pet Control HQ is no risk

You've probably got much better things to do with your time than spend it trudging around big farm product warehouses looking for the items you need. That's why you're going to love Pet Control HQ, because we have all the best livestock supplies in one place, and you can browse them all online.

We send out products as soon as we've processed the payments, and you'll be able to track the progress of your order as it makes its way to your door. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all products including our cattle prods and solar electric fences, and we also provide the full manufacturer's warranty on products where this cover is available, so you can buy with total confidence.

If you've got any questions, just give us a call. We'll be happy to answer anything, and our staff really know what they're talking about. We're all about providing great advice and the best deals, which are just two of the many reasons it's best to get your livestock and pet care products from us.