Is a Pet Containment System an Essential?

Author: Adie Schafner   Date Posted:26 May 2014 

Electric Dog Fence Installation Tips. Electric Dog Fence Installation Tips.

Electric dog fencing is safe, practical and an affordable alternative to traditional wooden, vinyl, and chain link fence dog containment solutions. The electric dog fence will keep your dog safe in your backyard, front yard or both. Electric dog fences deter stubborn escape prone dogs from going under, around and over fencing with a subtle buzzing shock via a radio receiving collar. Electric fence maintenance is easier and more economical than other dog fencing materials. Electric dog fence wire, for example,  never needs repainting or staining and will never detract from visual aspects of property and when buried inground.  More importantly, customize electric dog fence area as you wish with custom configurations. Even keep dogs safe from areas such as swimming pools and fish ponds by simply buring additional electric fence wire under ground around the perimeter of the pool or pond. 

Electric fencing guarantees distraction free perimeter protection dog containment while offering peace of mind for owners. With PetControlHQ brand electric dog fencing, custom configuration in installation is simple so why not Partner with a next door neighbor so dogs can continue to frolic and play without imposing on animal free will?  Rest assured, with proper installation of electric fencing, neither dog has opportunity to escape over, under, or around fence lines. However, please note, each dog must wear a radio receiving dog collar in order for electric dog fence systems to contain the animal. 

Electric dog fences work by burying an electric fencing wire on the perimeter of the area  you want to enclose for pet containment, there is a central dog fence transmitter and a  battery operated dog fence collar which acts as a receiver.  A buried fencing wire makes a magnetic field and this magnetic field reacts to the receiver in your dog fence collar. When the dog moves too close to the fencing wire at the perimeter of the electric fence, a warning beep or tone will sound. This tone changes frequency letting the dog know that it is nearing the perimeter or boundary fencing wire of the electric dog fence or pet containment area. When the dog gets close to the perimeter of the electric dog fence, and if the dog ignores the tone, continues going toward then crossing the fencing wire boundary, it will receive a correction. If your dog goes back, to the safe part of the enclosed area of pet containment, away from the electric dog fence boundary fencing wire, it will not receive any further corrections.
Eventually the dog will learn to stay away from the dog fencing wire at the boundary or perimeter of the electric dog fence, when it hears the beep or tone, the dog will go away from the electric fence wire and it will not receive a correction.  There is no need to be concerned about the correction for the dog, because they are minor and will not harm your dog.  These corrections are completely safe for your dog in that they are like a mild stimulation.  It feels similar to when you rub your feet on the carpet and touch a doorknob. It doesn't hurt, but is very annoying to the dog. The electric dog fence does not affect the people walking around in the yard or over the fencing wire, unless of course the person is carrying the dog collar and has their finger on the electrodes.  Some models have an automatic shut off feature that keeps your dog from being overcorrected.

Maintenance of these electric dog fences or pet containment systems is as easy as changing or recharging a battery in the collar.  Always keep the batteries charged, so the dog receives the proper correction. If the batteries are not working, the dog may run through the underground fence as the dog will not hear the beep or get a correction.
When you install these electric dog fences you have dog fence you cannot see that effectively contains your dog or dogs. It will not prevent other dogs from entering your yard, but it will prevent your dog or dogs from leaving the enclosed area of pet containment.

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