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Do You Need An Electric Dog Fence That Will Keep Your Pet Safe?

Some of the main reasons we love dogs so much are their natural curiosity, unquenchable desire for companionship and their charming disregard for boundaries. However, these traits can also at times lead dogs down unsavoury, dangerous and distressing paths that we would prefer they avoided at all costs. Dog behaviourists will tell you that canines are in many ways no different to homo sapiens. They developed over time alongside us, shedding the wild ways of the wolf and choosing instead to accompany us in the comfort and safety of the domicile. Although dogs learn from us they do not necessarily learn what we want them to learn right away and often they learn traits that we would prefer they forgot.

Help Your Dog Understand Where It's Allowed to Go With A Electric Fence

Although it is difficult for a dog to forget behaviours and habits that they have picked up from us or from how we treat them, it is by no means impossible. The best way to encourage positive behaviour is to reward it when you see it, for the vast majority of pet owners this is no problem at all as they require little persuasion to pet their dog and tell them how good they are. However, there is another side to this coin - it is just as important, and just as effective, to actively discourage bad behaviour which can be done via remote dog training collars. Worrying habits like regular wandering into neighbour’s yards, straying far from home or causing damage to property should be made clear to the animal in no uncertain terms to be wrong. Electric dog fencing is one of the most effective methods of establishing the line between right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable.

Teach Your Dog Zoning With An Electric Dog Fence

At Pet Control HQ, you can find everything that you need to help your animal to better their behaviour. We offer excellent dog shock collar and fencing combinations to suit properties and animals of all sizes. With our versatile fences, you can designate safe zones in which you wish to contain your animal and prevent them from bad habits. With the aid of our training flags, you can then teach your pet to understand when and where they must be vigilant. Our training solutions, along with patience and dedication will see your dog abandon their previous ways and adopt a healthy obedience and a strong bond with you and other dog handlers.

Durable, Long-Lasting Equipment That Delivers Results

If you are looking for an outstanding electric dog fence in Australia then look no further, you have found it! Pet Control HQ has a large selection of animal training systems to choose from that are weather tested, stress-tested and animal tested. We are proud to be an Australian owned and operated company that ships all orders in the country free of postage. You won’t find products of similar quality, that produce great results at affordable prices. We provide outstanding post-sale support, operate a thirty-day money-back guarantee and all of our dog fences in Australia come with manufacturer warranties. So, you can be certain that purchasing from us is the sensible thing to do for you and your dog.